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The HR Network Conference 2021

Atholl Duncan Explains the 7 Themes of “Leaders In Lockdown”

Views from the Beach – Episode One

Atholl Duncan Shares a Brief Overview of “Leaders In Lockdown”


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Leadership for the Post-Pandemic Future



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The Coaching Culture

For many businesses the worst phase of the Covid-19 crisis may be ending. Lockdown is all but over. The economy is re-opening. Revenues are returning to many who saw them fall off a cliff edge. Now the task is recovery. It’s beginning to feel like we’re turning a...

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Remote Working Isn’t Working

We’ve just witnessed the single biggest change in working practices in the history of modern business. It happened overnight. Millions shifted from working in soulless city centre offices to earning their crust from a desk in their bedroom, kitchen or garage. There...

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Narcissistic Leadership

The pandemic has “torn back the curtain on the idea that so many people in charge know what they’re doing” according to Barack Obama. Why’s that? Psychoanalysis would split our leaders into two camps– the narcissistic and the empathetic. You don’t need to be Sigmund...

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The Challenge for Leadership

A simple search on Amazon reveals 70,000 leadership books. Yet no guru has written the script for the current scenario. The immediate focus is on saving lives and saving businesses. Yet, here is also a need, in this time of lockdown, to consider how life must change...

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A Guide to Crisis Leadership

Leadership, at every level, is about to be tested in a way in which it has never been tested before. We’re now in uncharted territory in the spread of Covid-19. The first thing to accept is that leading in a crisis is very different from leading in normal times. I...

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We’re All Wasting Our Time

How you allocate your time is probably the most crucial factor in your own performance and that of your organisation. Yet we pay scant attention to understanding, analysing and altering this part of our working lives. It is an indisputable fact of business that we are...

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