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Leaders in Lockdown

3 stages of Ultra-coaching process

Ultra-coaching is a highly intensive one to one process. It has three distinct steps. It is a mixture of face to face meetings; regular video conferencing; and written advice often over a six month period. Each programme is tailored to the individual requirements of our clients.

The Gap

First, we identify the gaps we need to work on. This can be done through a mixture of feedback from peers; honest observation of you in real life situations; and through your own self awareness and analysis.

The Bridge

Then we work with you on areas of intense focus to bridge the gaps. These can range from resetting your personal brand; training in advance EQ; increased resilience; deepening your personal presence; or even transition plans for a new role.

The Edge

At the end of the process you will gain “The Edge” needed to transform yourself and your business. Through our one to one relationships, our mission is to maximise your potential and help create a more dynamic and vibrant economy.

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The Coaching Culture

For many businesses the worst phase of the Covid-19 crisis may be ending. Lockdown is all but over. The economy is re-opening. Revenues are returning to many who saw them fall off a cliff edge. Now the task is recovery. It’s beginning to feel like we’re turning a...

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Remote Working Isn’t Working

We’ve just witnessed the single biggest change in working practices in the history of modern business. It happened overnight. Millions shifted from working in soulless city centre offices to earning their crust from a desk in their bedroom, kitchen or garage. There...

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Narcissistic Leadership

The pandemic has “torn back the curtain on the idea that so many people in charge know what they’re doing” according to Barack Obama. Why’s that? Psychoanalysis would split our leaders into two camps– the narcissistic and the empathetic. You don’t need to be Sigmund...

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